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Welcome to Our Bluebird Trails.  We are so excited about the launch of our site.  We are honored to have you with us.  Our site was built to provide a platform of knowledge, conversation and fun for bird lovers of all ages and experience levels.  We want you to feel at home and visit us often. We want you to get involved and establish a lasting relationship with us and other bird lovers across the country.  Tell us what you are seeing in the field and give us your best practices when it comes to bluebirds and all other cavity nesting birds. As we share our bluebird trails we want to hear more about yours. is sponsored by the Cavity Nester Conservancy (CNC).  The CNC began as a hobby that developed into passion for wildlife for Lieutenant Colonel Tim Green, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Bud Lewis, and Mrs. Orijana Havizovic in 2009.  The CNC is a national 501.c3 (Education and Research) nonprofit organization that promotes the outdoor lifestyle through education, wildlife conservation, habitat preservation, and stewardship.  Through our efforts we hope to help preserve, protect, and enhance the natural habitats of cavity nesting birds species across North America.  Specifically, cavity nesting birds such as Bluebirds, Chickadee, Owls, Purple Martins, Tufted Titmouse, Tree Swallow, Wrens, and many others.  Please support our efforts TODAY!!!